Management Development Program


Our Management Development Program teaches new hires with little-to-no industry experience every aspect of the business..

Our people are the DIFFERENCE

What makes McKeough Supply great is people. Our employees have the enthusiasm, initiative and ambition to excel and make a difference in the life of the community. McKeough Supply fosters the environment and opportunity for training to keep up with change and make a rewarding career a reality.

Our mission is to INSPIRE an environment of continuous learning that fosters the LEADERSHIP development of every McKeough Supply Teammate to their full potential.

Our people are the DIFFERENCE

You will spend your first year in a regional Profit Center learning exactly how the business operates – from shipping and receiving, counter sales, to operations management. Then you get to know our customers, spending your next two and a half years learning inside sales and outside sales.

Throughout the program, your on-the-job experience is supplemented with coaching by experienced mentors, customer visits and a variety of training courses. Upon successful completion of the program you will have the opportunity to grow in a career choice that you have found to love and want to continue in.


~ World class sales leadership development program
~ Great mentors and on-the-job training
~Growth potential with competitive salary, benefits, and profit sharing

I have been fortunate enough to work at McKeough Supply for about 9 months now, and am continuously blown away by the incredible working culture, the sheer volume of training that is available and the amount of independence leadership gives to each teammate. McKeough Supply has a very collaborative working culture, when a teammate has questions they are able to reach out to countless subject matter experts within the company to help find the best solution for their needs. McKeough also respects the work-life balance requirements of each teammate which makes your time at work much more enjoyable. There is also a vast amount of training that is available to each teammate whether it be from vendors, within the company or even online, you always find yourself learning something new at McKeough! Lastly, I find it quite motivating to know that I have the independence to make decisions that largely impact my local profit center. I have truly enjoyed my time at McKeough Supply and would highly recommend for others to apply to work with the great team we have, especially if you enjoy working in a very entrepreneurial work environment!

Luca Ieraci

Management Development Trainee, McKeough Supply PC#335, Mississauga

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